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Massage Frequently Asked Questions

What should be expected during the first visit?

When visiting for the first time, Abbey will have you fill out a new client health intake form. The intake form lists current and past health conditions, what brought you in today, and other health-related information that she may need to know. After you are finished, Abbey will ask questions to make sure your massage will be effective and beneficial to your specific needs. She then will ask you to undress to your comfort level and which way she wants you to be positioned on the table first. Then she will step out of the room while you undress and will knock first before entering back into the room.

Do you have to completely undress during a massage?

Several clients prefer to completely undress but it is not totally necessary. Completely undressing just enables Abbey to more effectively treat your problem areas. However, it's very important to Abbey that all clients feel comfortable and relaxed during the session. Clients that seek to alleviate low back pain, glute(buttock) pain will be advised to remove their underwear but if you wish not to that is OK too. You will be covered AT ALL TIMES with a sheet and blanket and the body part being worked on will be the only thing uncovered. Abbey will not work on you if without a top sheet, blanket, or both covering you.

Is talking allowed during a massage?

Abbey will leave this up to you. Most clients prefer to take this time to escape from everyday life and often will fall asleep, which is great too. Some clients like talk and Abbey is perfectly fine with that. If you don't engage in conversation first, she won't talk unless she is asking about the pressure, any pain, and making sure you are comfortable at all times. Any feedback from clients about the massage as we go along is appreciated, including things you love and things you don't.

How do you know what kind of treatment your body needs?

Several types of massage can be used in one session. Abbey will make sure that depending on what type of pain/discomfort you have that the correct technique is used to effectively treat the area.

What does a full body massage mean?

A full body massage generally includes your face/scalp, neck, arms, legs, feet, and glutes(buttocks). If any of these areas make you uncomfortable or you wish to have them avoided please let Abbey know.

Does getting a massage hurt?

As long as the right amount of pressure is being applied, no. The "no pain, no gain" phrase is incorrect. Sometimes massage can be most effective when using a lighter technique and not deep tissue/pressure. In fact, too much pressure can be very ineffective. Muscles tend to "fight back" and then the opposite reaction can occur: the muscle doesn't relax.

Should you leave a tip?

Gratuity is appreciated but never expected. Abbey's goal is to make sure that clients receive an excellent massage. If you choose to, 15-20% seems to be the normal percentage for massage.

If you have any questions, please call Abbey @ 515-402-3343 or email her at

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